Fireworks Are Awesome!

Earn quadrillions of points across more than 15 game modes, including arcade, creative, and two-player gameplay!

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Fireworks. Are. Awesome.

Test your gaming skills to unlock all 10 heroes,
15 game modes,
and more than 100 fireworks!

  • Ten heroes hailing from ten cities from around the world, from Johannesburg, South Africa, to New York, USA!
  • Fifteen game modes, including Arcade, Creative, and multiple Vs. two-player modes!
  • Design your own fireworks in the Fireworks Lab!
  • Put on your own fireworks show in the creative mode! Or sit back and pop fireworks without any restrictions in Free mode!
  • Rumor of a secret, hidden you have the skills to unlock it? Hey, that's CLASSIFIED!

See Fireworks Hero in action!

  • Design your own fireworks

    Discover the Fireworks Lab and create your own designs!

  • Variety of Game Modes

    Hit targets in Launcher mode! Challenge a friend to Spark-Pong! Or polish your skills over 10 Challenge Stages!

  • Customize your games!

    Unlock all 100+ fireworks, and only activate your favorites!

  • Crazy combos make crazy fireworks!

    Triple-touch, double-slice, and quadruple-tap your way to glorious fireworks displays!


Fireworks Are Awesome!

Fireworks Hero is available for iPhone, iPad, Android.